Ben "DJ SWIZZ" Swislow - President/Owner Diamond Event Group - founder of Diamond Event Group and the driving force behind its success, has been part of the special events world since 1994. Ben started Phatt Traxx Entertainment in Peoria, IL while attending college at Bradley University. He quickly became the busiest DJ in Peoria often performing every weekend for frat houses' & sororities' date parties/formals/fudraisers/ well as mixing at the local bars, clubs, and lounges. After graduation and moving home to Chicago, SWIZZ decided to continue Phatt Traxx's reign on the entertainment industry. After years of steady growth, in January of 2013, SWIZZ made the decision after entertaining elite clientel to create the Diamond Event Group. You can also find SWIZZ mixing all over Chicago at some of the hottest spots! It's safe to say the years learning from the best have turned him into the premiere entertainer he is today!

Thank you for considering us as your entertaiment and/or lighting. We know there are SO many choices here in Chicago and we want you to know that we really do appreciate every opportunity that comes our way. Diamond Event Group was created from years of hard work, growth, and knowledge. Our event specialists are all here to ensure your event is as you expect it to be - perfect!

Diamond Event Group is generations beyond the average entertainment group. Our competitors push the notion of "we're doing so many events, why not yours?" I would be lying to you if I said I don't want thousands of events per year, but what I'll never do is compromise one single event with cheap, or subpar equipment. I've spent years learning about what makes lights look best, what sound systems sound better than others, where pieces of equipment should be placed in a room to maximize not only their capability, but how you and your guests will perceive them all while maintaining the beautiful layout of your event. More imporatantly, I've spent years developing relationships with entertainers and partners that I consider to be the best at what they do.

Working with Diamond Event Group to create your event is one of the easiest steps you'll take in planning. We understand your lives consist of jobs, family, extracurricular activites and we strive to make our meetings based on your schedule. We come to you when you're available, fully prepared with layouts, lighting designs, room dimensions, song suggestions, and itinerary ideas that will make your event seem fresh and fun for everyone.

You have my word that when working with Diamond Event Group your event is our number one priority.